Member of the NDCA Since 1977
 Pan American Teachers of Dancing was formed at United States Ballroom Championships, Waldorf Astoria, New York City in 1975, incorporated November 11, 1977, and inducted as a full member of the NDCA January 1978. Original board of directors: President, David M. Key (OH); Vice President, Roy Mavor (TX); Secretary/Treasurer, Lorrie Llamas (CA) and board member at large Laurie Haile (CA).

The original board felt the need in the United States for an independent curriculum for American Style dance instruction. Mr. Key and Mr. Mavor formulated the syllabus. After much debate, our independent teaching organization was christened "Pam Am" due to the fact that Roy and his wife, June Mavor, directed dance events entitled Pan American Dance Championships.

After NCDTO's (NDCA) review of our application and curriculum by Chairman John Monte and the executive committee, our Degree System of dance training was ratified. Originally, Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. utilized Alex Moore's Revised technique for our International Modern examinations, and Walter Laird's Latin Technique syllabus for International Latin. Over the years, the ISTD revised their descriptions of Latin technical components to the extent that they have been universally accepted by all international teaching organizations, including Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. In the early 1990's, Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. developed a performing arts (PA) department encompassing the dance fields of ballet, tap, and jazz. Our PA department continues to grow.

Being a member of America's representative organization (National Dance Council of America) to the
World Dance Council has been a privilege and an honor for Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc.


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